New waves

I have always been a fan of making waves. Stir stuff up a little bit. Not in a dramatic way though, just to make people think a bit further. Sometimes to make myself think a bit out of the box. It is good for you, but it can also be scary as hell.

Since I moved to Vasa, I have really put myself into situations way out of my comfort zone, such as performing on stage, dancing sober in front of friends, let my voice be heard at work etc. This has given me panic attacks, I have cried myself to sleep and I have just been feeling like the biggest idiot ever. But things change! Now, I feel like home on stage, I don’t have a hard time speaking my opinion at work, AND I have also started to really like standing in front of my colleagues, talking about some subject that interests me, something that made me shaky and anxious before.

The strangest thing with me is that I have always been able to stand up to people who treats others, both people and animals, wrong. I have a really low tolerance for injustice and bad behavior, and when I see that happen, I will speak my mind, like it or not. And, I really appreciate when people are honest towards me too.

Anyway. I have learnt a lot about myself and others since I moved here, and I must say I feel blessed for all of the experiences I have gained, both the nice ones and the less comfortable ones. I am stronger now, and more confident.

I hope you all try to make some waves happen. Just remember to also calm them down.


Kitty Lix



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