Mentally drained

For the last couple of days I have been feeling really low and out of energy. I don’t know what is going on (oh pregnancy maybe?) but I sort of feel feverish with no fever. This sucks, cuz as you might know, I LOVE having a lot of things going on! It’s not really that my body is tired, but my mind is foggy and I feel distant, not here in the present. I want to fix it!

Last year I got one year subscription to Headspace, an app filled with sound clips for everyday meditation. I was going to put it on, but it didn’t work. It said I have no account etc. I got stressed. Not at all the relaxation I was hoping to get, haha, but I bet it will work again soon.

Meditation is something I need to put into my everyday life. I have done it before, but I never really got it into my routine. Now, when I go on maternity leave, I will really try to get it in there. The same goes for yoga and a short walk. I want to be in good shape, both mentally and physically, when the baby gets here. I will keep you updated!


Psst! Yesterday I got some new photos from a photo shoot I did with the same photographer who took this pic, Kenneth Hed. Soon I will show them off!


Kitty Lix ❤


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