So it begins..


Today I’m officially on my first day of maternity leave! And it feels great! I have already been home for a couple of weeks, due to my head not keeping up with stuff at work. And two weeks of not thinking too much about work (because it is still there in the back of my head lurking) has really helped me! Now I remember things easier, I am not as tired mentally and my creativity is back! And I could not be happier about that. My body has also surprised me with it’s strength. Last week I went on a 12 km walk with my friend, the day after that I danced like crazy in our living room and I’ve been on photo shoots!

I think my mental state has really gotten help from the strength of my body, and I am very happy about that. I know that the body tends to fail many pregnant women pretty early on in the pregnancy.


Now I really have to take care of myself. In a couple of weeks the baby is gonna be here and I want to be in best possible shape, both mentally and physically, when that happens. The rest will sort itself out in the process.


I still have some things to do, like schoolwork, photo shoots and a lot of cleaning. So lets see how good I will be at taking care of myself. I am pretty stubborn when it comes to making things happen, so it is pretty hard to slow down.

Wish me luck ya’ll!

XOXO, Kitty Lix ❤



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