So it begins..


Today I’m officially on my first day of maternity leave! And it feels great! I have already been home for a couple of weeks, due to my head not keeping up with stuff at work. And two weeks of not thinking too much about work (because it is still there in the back of my head lurking) has really helped me! Now I remember things easier, I am not as tired mentally and my creativity is back! And I could not be happier about that. My body has also surprised me with it’s strength. Last week I went on a 12 km walk with my friend, the day after that I danced like crazy in our living room and I’ve been on photo shoots!

I think my mental state has really gotten help from the strength of my body, and I am very happy about that. I know that the body tends to fail many pregnant women pretty early on in the pregnancy.


Now I really have to take care of myself. In a couple of weeks the baby is gonna be here and I want to be in best possible shape, both mentally and physically, when that happens. The rest will sort itself out in the process.


I still have some things to do, like schoolwork, photo shoots and a lot of cleaning. So lets see how good I will be at taking care of myself. I am pretty stubborn when it comes to making things happen, so it is pretty hard to slow down.

Wish me luck ya’ll!

XOXO, Kitty Lix ❤


Mentally drained

For the last couple of days I have been feeling really low and out of energy. I don’t know what is going on (oh pregnancy maybe?) but I sort of feel feverish with no fever. This sucks, cuz as you might know, I LOVE having a lot of things going on! It’s not really that my body is tired, but my mind is foggy and I feel distant, not here in the present. I want to fix it!

Last year I got one year subscription to Headspace, an app filled with sound clips for everyday meditation. I was going to put it on, but it didn’t work. It said I have no account etc. I got stressed. Not at all the relaxation I was hoping to get, haha, but I bet it will work again soon.

Meditation is something I need to put into my everyday life. I have done it before, but I never really got it into my routine. Now, when I go on maternity leave, I will really try to get it in there. The same goes for yoga and a short walk. I want to be in good shape, both mentally and physically, when the baby gets here. I will keep you updated!


Psst! Yesterday I got some new photos from a photo shoot I did with the same photographer who took this pic, Kenneth Hed. Soon I will show them off!


Kitty Lix ❤

New waves

I have always been a fan of making waves. Stir stuff up a little bit. Not in a dramatic way though, just to make people think a bit further. Sometimes to make myself think a bit out of the box. It is good for you, but it can also be scary as hell.

Since I moved to Vasa, I have really put myself into situations way out of my comfort zone, such as performing on stage, dancing sober in front of friends, let my voice be heard at work etc. This has given me panic attacks, I have cried myself to sleep and I have just been feeling like the biggest idiot ever. But things change! Now, I feel like home on stage, I don’t have a hard time speaking my opinion at work, AND I have also started to really like standing in front of my colleagues, talking about some subject that interests me, something that made me shaky and anxious before.

The strangest thing with me is that I have always been able to stand up to people who treats others, both people and animals, wrong. I have a really low tolerance for injustice and bad behavior, and when I see that happen, I will speak my mind, like it or not. And, I really appreciate when people are honest towards me too.

Anyway. I have learnt a lot about myself and others since I moved here, and I must say I feel blessed for all of the experiences I have gained, both the nice ones and the less comfortable ones. I am stronger now, and more confident.

I hope you all try to make some waves happen. Just remember to also calm them down.


Kitty Lix


Autumn winds

This year, so many amazing things have happened. I married the love of my life, I started to really get a hang of my work as a kindergarten teacher, I have started to work for Mallitoimisto Matiné and I have gotten so much more experience as a model. But the biggest thing that has happened is that I got pregnant. It happened so fast and both me and my hubby got so surprised and happy. This was more than we could ever hope for!

At first I got a bit afraid that I had to put my modelling career on hold. But you know what? I didn’t! Being pregnant just takes modelling to another level, one that you don’t get to try out that often. So now I’m trying to enjoy it while it lasts. I feel so blessed and so excited!

You don’t have to give up your dreams because you are becoming a parent. You just have to work with it, and it will take you to beautiful places ❤️


Kitty Lix💋