Isa Muotio, aka Kitty Lix, was born on  andthe 27th of January 1986. She grew up in the little town Nauvo in the south of Finland. She was a shy girl with low self esteem, who wished to be somebody someday.

In 2005 she moved about 500 km up North to the city of Jakobstad, to study children’s pedagogy and become a kindergarten teacher. She graduated in 2008 and started to take classes for the Masters program for children’s pedagogy. In 2010 she also decided to start studying economics.

In 2011 she got a job as a kindergarten teacher for a group with special needs children in Vasa, a city 100 km away from Jakobstad. She started to commute to Vasa and did that for about a year. In the fall of 2012 she got in to Åbo Akademi university to study to become a special education kindergarten teacher, and decided to move to Vasa to make it easier to work and study at the same time.

Life was a bit tough for her after the move to Vasa, and in one year she worked multiple jobs + studied like crazy, all to avoid the bad feelings inside. In 2013 she graduated from the economics program, and a year after that she met the love of her life. Now things started to look up, or so she thought.

In 2016 her dad passed away, and it hit her hard. At the same time a friends child passed away, and she lost another friend to cancer. It was a tough time, but she still managed to graduate and was now a special education kindergarten teacher. Sometimes the worst of times, can bring you hope. This was the time she started to really take care of herself, and try to figure out what she wanted in life.

In 2017 she got a job as a special education kindergarten teacher. In February 2018, she married the man of her dreams and soon after that she got pregnant and is now living the life she always wanted, filled with love.