Cruelty free skin care, hair care and vegan cosmetics!

For me, fashion and skincare has always been something that has interested me. In the later years, this interest has grown into a passion, and I LOVE giving people makeovers!

Last year I got in contact with the brand Cosmopharma. This brand was founded in Sweden and Norway in the fall of 2006, and they have a lot of satisfied costumers!

Always when I hear of a new super good brand, whether it’s clothes, skincare or make up, I get a little suspicious. I always want to try it out before starting to recommend it to others. And that is what I did with these products. And I must say that I got really happy when I noticed how good they worked for me!

I haven’t tried out all of the products, not yet at least. But the ones I have been mostly focused on are; the X3 skincare series, the Organic series and the new vegan mineral make up series BareFaced Beauty.

If you are interested in knowing more about these products, or if you would like to have a nice make up and skincare evening with your friends or colleagues, just contact me and we can discuss it.

Follow this link, and you can also get to know the products by yourself and order some if you want to.


Psst! And If you want to join my team and become a consultant, just contact me and we will make it happen! 😉