Kitty Lix

Kitty Lix is the alter ego of Isa Muotio. While Isa is a married, kind of calm woman, Kitty Lix is a bit more flirtatious and crazy. They are the same person, but also two very different ones. For a long time Kitty Lix had no name and she was trapped inside this broken and insecure woman. But one day she decided to break free!

In 2016-2017 Kitty Lix was still unnamed, but she was about to crack out of her shell. While performing in a burlesque group and competing with a Hip Hop group, Isa started to love performing in front of people! She also found that she loved being in front of the camera and the lust for becoming a model grew and she started competing in modelling competitions.

In 2018 Kitty Lix was born!


Photo by Erika ”Kix” Strengell           

The name Kitty Lix comes from Isa’s love for her fur babies (aka cats) and her new found confidence and happiness.

This was the short story of how Isa found her alter ego Kitty Lix. For the long story, please read the blog where stories about Isa and Kitty Lix will be shared by her.


Kitty Lix